BEAR in Blue Cloud Gallery

Blue Cloud Gallery in Ball SQ Somerville was chosen recently as a location by film director Wei Cui for a movie being shot for his thesis project that started April 18th.

Betsy Lenora, owner, recalled that Wei Cui approached her with his request to use Blue Cloud Gallery for a crucial scene in his movie. He described the scene as being about a guy in a bear costume who enters a gift shop and falls in love with the girl behind the counter. The ‘plot thickens’ when a man tries to steal something and the bear springs into action.

“I knew it would mean some disruption for my store but it also meant helping someone realize their creative mission, so I agreed,” said Ms. Lenora.

Wei Cui is originally from China and a graduate student at Emerson College.

Will we see his film on the Big Screen? I don’t think so but you never know – maybe some day.┬áIn the meantime, don’t be surprised if you thought you saw a bear in Ball SQ – you did!