stained glass copy

Some People Drink,  Jennifer Cuts Glass.

Her father was her first stained glass art teacher when she was about eight or nine years old.

She took stained glass in college and continued to learn after she moved to Boston.

Jennifer uses a lot of imperfect glass from Blenko in Milton, West Virginia. She don’t focus on finding perfect colors, she focuses on colors that she likes and thinks look nice together. She generally creates her own patterns, but looks for inspiration everywhere.

She has never cut herself so badly where she needed stitches!

“I don’t believe that art must have a deep meaning to be considered art. It simply needs to make someone happy, either the artist who created it, or those who stop to admire it.” I invite you to stop by Blue Cloud Gallery to see a selection of Jennifer’s stained glass art creations. And sign up to win one of her stained glass stars – no purchase necessary!